Aquantis' Art book, manga, doujin and Video Game book page!

Welcome to my artbook page! Here you will find scans of all the books I have (though some of the scans may be limited to the covers only - sorry!).
currently a good portion of my art books (sans the CLAMP manga style ones) are all scanned in as are a some of the guide books. I will work on the doujin ones, but they take forever to scan, so please be patient with me. I have re-done how the page was set up (again), so now it is hopefully easier to navigate. Most of the books have their cover image linked to them (though the magazines and manga will probably only get their covers done).

Last updated on October 25, 2010

 I'll be adding a donate to download section for super rare/expensive book scans (I had to go out and by a new scanner...and because very little was donated, I'm going to have to put some of the scans up this way), but don't worry, most of the scans will still be free to download.  Currently $10 donated towards the scanner and more books to scan.

I have acquired a lot of settei over the years and would like to make them available in an inexpensive manner for everyone.  They are extremely expensive and rare outside of Japan, so this will allow any one who would like a copy of them, to be able to afford to actually have a few.  For those who do not know, settei are a collection of concept sketches that animator use when drawing cels for animated features.  The animators usually only get a 'copy' set, so it is extremely hard to find originals (I actually have a few...).  Most settei out there are Xerox copies or reproduced material collection books (though some, like the sailor moon ones, also come on stapled pads).  I am in the process of making HQ copies of the settei I have for people to be able to order them.

NOTE: There are some books that I'll not be scanning. There are several reasons for this. The 5 sailormoon books are hardcover, so they are hard to scann in. Not only that, but there are tons of pictures from these books out there (goto Manga Style for those scans). The 3 illistration books of CCS will not be scanned in ever. CLAMP has asked that their artwork not be put on the web. I will not scan any of the manga artwork by CLAMP, so please don't ask. The game books just have the pictures scanned in from them and not the game data . I may scan in the Doushinji and manga if I can get some translators.

- Aquantis

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