Fire Emblem Series 1 Eiyuu-tachi no Zantou [英雄たちの戦刃] - War Blade of Heroes

    These are the trading cards from the first released series booster packs, which has 100 cards in total.  There are exclusive cards that can only be found in the starter decks, and are thus not included here.  These cards are all from Shadow Dragon (red)  or Awakening (blue).  I have also seen the kanji 戦刃 romanized as Senjin. Side note: a Zantou (war blade) is a long single edged sword (think long Katana - of the nodachi and odachi category).  Series 1 was released on June 25 2015.

All of the cards are shown on this page, along with scans of the box and inserts for this series.  The full-sized scans are in 600 DPI and png, so they are large files.   Each pack contains 10 cards, 1 is either a rare or super rare foil (4 SR total per 16 pack box), 2 are high normal and 7 are normal cards.  Once I find a good place to put them, I'll have zip files to download the whole gallery at full size (~ 1480 x 2090 ish, since photobucket shrinks them as its max size is 1024x768).

There are a total of 114 Cards: 48 Normal (Regular) Cards, 24 High Normal (Uncommon) Cards, 16 Rare Cards, 12 Super Rare Cards, 8 Rare + cards and 6 Super Rare + cards.
[the 14+ cards are special alternate foil versions of Rare or Super Rare cards and some even come signed, only 1 + card comes in a whole box]
All cards that can have a + variation are in orange.  Any + cards I get will be at the bottom of the page, marked with a +, or if they are a signed plus card, a *.

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Series 1 gallery download

Shadow Dragon Cards (1-50) ??? Light Sword [光の剣] 

B01-001SR B01-002N B01-003HN B01-004SR B01-005N B01-006HN B01-007R B01-008N
B01-009R B01-010N B01-011HN B01-012N B01-013HN B01-014N B01-015N B01-016SR
B01-017N B01-018HN B01-019N B01-020N B01-021HN B01-022SR B01-023N B01-024HN
B01-025HN B01-026N B01-027HN B01-028R B01-029N B01-030R B01-031N B01-032HN
B01-033N B01-034HN B01-035R B01-036N B01-037N B01-038R B01-039N B01-040R
B01-041N B01-042R B01-043N B01-044N B01-045HN B01-046SR B01-047N B01-048N
B01-049N B01-050SR

Awakening Cards (51-100) ?? Stigmata [聖痕]

B01-051SR B01-052N B01-053HN B01-054SR B01-055N B01-056HN B01-057R B01-058N
B01-059R B01-060N B01-061N B01-062HN B01-063N B01-064HN B01-065N B01-066HN
B01-067N B01-068R B01-069N B01-070R B01-071N B01-072N B01-073SR B01-074N
B01-075SR B01-076N B01-077N B01-078R B01-079N B01-080SR B01-081N B01-082HN
B01-083R B01-084R B01-085N B01-086HN B01-087N B01-088N B01-089HN B01-090N
B01-091SR B01-092N B01-093HN B01-094HN B01-095N B01-096N B01-097R B01-098N
B01-099HN B01-100HN

Series 1 Box, Pack, and sealed box Inserts and + cards

B01-030R + B01-038R + B01-040R + B01-042R + B01-057R * B01-059R * B01-070R + B01-097R +
B01-001SR * B01-004SR * B01-022SR * B01-051SR + B01-054SR * B01-080SR + P01-001 P01-002
B01-034HN errata B01-037N errata B01-044N errata Card Back Checklist Checklist Back Insert No Code Insert Back
Pack Pack Back Pack Hang Tag Box Insert Box Top Side Box Other Side Box - New Box Top
Box Side Box Side Box Side Box Side Box Bottom Unopened Pack Unopened Pack B