Fire Emblem Series 7 Shidou wo Yuku [ブースターパック「士道を征く] - Conquering Chivalry

    These are the trading cards from the seventh released series booster packs, which numbers 100 cards in total.   These cards are from Rekka no Ken (Blazing Sword) and Fates Revelations (white).  Series 7 was released on December 8th 2016.

    All of the booster box cards are shown on this page, along with scans of the box and inserts for this series.  The full-sized scans are in 600 DPI and png, so they are large files.   Each pack contains 10 cards, 1 is either a Rare (11/box) or Super Rare foil (4 SR total per 16 pack box), 3 are high normal and 6 are normal cards.  So far, the secret cards have the same text, just a different illustration and border color.  Once I find a good place to put them, I'll have zip files to download the whole gallery at full size (~ 1480 x 2090 ish, since photobucket shrinks them as its max size is 1024x768).  

There are a total of 115 Cards: 42 Normal (Regular) Cards, 30 High Normal (Uncommon) Cards, 16 Rare Cards,  12 Super Rare Cards, 8 Rare + cards, 1 Rare Plus Secret Card and 6 Super Rare + cards.
[the 14+ cards are special alternate foil versions of Rare or Super Rare cards and some even come signed, only 1 + card comes in a whole box]
All cards that can have a + variation are in orange.  Any + cards I get will be at the bottom of the page, marked with a +, or if they are a signed plus card, a *.
Any card with a secret variation card will be in purple, and the secret card (ends in X) will be with the + cards at the bottom.  If the secret card is in another series, then the regular version will be in pink its' series

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Series 7 gallery download

 Blazing Sword Cards (1-50) ??? Sacred Treasure [神器] 

B07-001SR B07-002R B07-003HN B07-004SR B07-005N B07-006HN B06-007SR B07-008N
B07-009HN B07-010SR B07-011HN B07-012N B07-013HN B07-014N B07-015R B07-016N
B07-017R B07-018N B07-019HN B07-020N B07-021HN B07-022R B07-023N B07-024R
B07-025N B07-026HN B07-027N B07-028HN B07-029N B07-030HN B07-031N B07-032R
B07-033N B07-034HN B07-035N B07-036N B07-037N B07-038N B07-039SR B07-040N
B07-041R B07-042N B07-043N B07-044SR B07-045HN B07-046HN B07-047R B07-048HN
B07-049HN B07-050N

Fates Revelations Cards (51-100) ?? Dark Night and ?? White Night [暗夜 & 白夜]

B07-051SR B07-052N B07-053HN B07-054SR B07-055N B07-056SR B07-057N B07-058SR
B07-059N B07-060R B07-061N B07-062R B07-063N B07-064R B07-065N B07-066SR
B07-067HN B07-068R B07-069N B07-070HN B07-071N B07-072R B07-073N B07-074HN
B07-075N B07-076R B07-077N B07-078HN B07-079N B07-080HN B07-081N B07-082HN
B07-083N B07-084R B07-085N B07-086HN B07-087HN B07-088HN B07-089N B07-090HN
B07-091N B07-092HN B07-093R B07-094N B07-095HN B07-096N B07-097SR B07-098HN
B07-099HN B07-100N

Series 7 Box, Pack, and sealed box Inserts, and + cards

B07-015R+ B07-017R+ B07-024R+ B07-041R+ B07-060R+ B07-062R+ B07-064R+ B07-093R+
B07-0001SR+ B07-004SR+ B07-051SR* B07-054SR* B07-056SR* B07-058SR* B09-054R+X Card Back
P07-001 Marth Marker P07-002 Camilla Marker Blazing Sword  Fates OST Checklist Checklist Back
Unopened Pack Unopened Pack B Pack Pack Back Pack Hang Tag Box insert Box Top side Box Other Side
Box - New Box top Box Side Box Side Box Side Box Side Box Bottom

Missing Cards

B07-097SR Errata B07-078HN Errata