Fire Emblem Card Pieces

    This page will (eventually) contain all the cleaned pieces from editing the Fire Emblem cards for translation.  This will allow you to create your own FETCG cards.  I will add pieces when They are done, and it may take a while before I add more pieces.  Cleaning cards takes a lot of time, so this is a very slow process.  Fan submitted card will be show at the end of the page.

Unit Card Pieces
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[ユニット] Unit Card jpg, and png versions     Promoted Unit Card (Gold ones)     Conquer (main lords) Unit Card (Blue gradient ones)

Arrows For Attack Direction, Red for Attack Range and Green for Staff Range
Movement Type Icons (From Cards and PDF Rips)
Physical Weapon Type Icons (From Cards and PDF Rips)
Magic Weapon Types and Staff Icons (From Cards and PDF rip)

I'll add crests form the cards when I get a chance to work on them
Crests from Path of Radiance and Goddess of Dawn (requests - I didn't make them, they were ripped from the games by others)
Order of Hermes Old (Sorcerer's Crusade) Symbol (Not from FE, but was requested)

Weapon Card Pieces
[武器] Buki Card (Weapon)

Magic Card Pieces
[魔法] Mahou Card (Magic)

Item Card Pieces
[アイテム] Item Card
Item Card Interior marble

Surprise Card Pieces
[サプライズ] Surprise Card
Surprise Card Interior Marble

Land Card Pieces

[土地] Tochi Card (Land)


Fan Made Cards

Fire Emblem 9