Fire Revolution Series 1 第一弾 聖戦を継ぐもの (Seisen o Tsugu Mono) Holy War Inheritors

    These are the trading cards from the first released series, 聖戦を継ぐもの [Seisen o Tsugu Mono].  These cards are from the first through the seventh Fire Emblem games.  I will explain the kanji at a later point when I get time.  All of the cards are shown on this page, along with scans of the box and inserts for this series.  This may make the page take a while to load.

There are a total of 56 Cards: 18 Regular Cards, 18 Uncommon Cards, 18 Rare Cards, 2 Box Cards
[note: The original printing of these cards has darker images then the reprint, also the cards in the reprint are sturdier cards and tend not to warp like the original printing]

The rarity is based on the number of stars shown on the card (** = rare, *=uncommon, no stars = common)

Translated checklist Word format         'Official' Checklist html

Unit Cards (1-37)

1 Roy 2 Fir 3 Aren 4 Wendy 5 Geese  6 Lilina  7 Fa 8 Elfin
9 Yuno  10 Yodel 11 Karel 12 Guinevere 13 Lyndis 14 Nino 15 Rebecca 16 Haaken
17 Vaida 18 paul 19 Mathew 20 Will 21 Priscilla 22 Fiora 23 Sain 24 Hawkeye
25 Rinda 26 Jorjue 27 Sheeda 28 Oguma 29 Cheine 30 Levin 31 Fin 32 Lex
33 Lakche 34 Lynn 35 Eyvel 36 Lara 37 Salem 

Surprise Cards (38-54)

38 [Flame] Protection
39 [Wind] Protection
40 [Light] Protection
41 [Flame] Support
42 [Wind] Support
43 [Light] Support
44 Isolated 
45 Pursuit (skill)
46 Shooting Star
 Sword (skill)
47 Continue (Skill) 48 Prayer (Skill) 49 Skill Ring 50 Knight Ring 51 Prayer Bracelet 52 Surprise Invalid 53 Card Draw
54 Replenishment

Series 1 Box, Pack, Inserts, and Box cards (and card back)

PR012 Deetívar PR011 Directions
 of a Prince
Card back 'Box' Pack Pack Pack Pack
wrap  wrap Play Mats 1st print 2 half mats Play Mat Play Mat Play Mat

Manual Scans

1st printing large sheets
Re-print rules revised booklet format