Fire Emblem Translation Corner

    This page will be for the translation of the Fire Emblem trading card game (and Fire Revolution in the future). The goal is to have a translation of everything related to playing the FETCG and FRTCG.  I know that the checklists need to be fixed (their translations are iffy and poor, after all they were the first ones I did), and I lost most of the translator volunteers helping me with this.  I will put in a special thanks section on this page to thank everyone who has helped on this project. (coming in the future).

I'll be (very) slowly adding to this section (and fixing the existing pages)
Brief translation rundown (sans skills and abilities):
Card Type (Japanese) Card Type (English)
ユニット Unit 
武器 Buki (Weapon)
魔法 Mahou (Magic)
アイテム Item
サプライズ  Surprise
土地 Tochi (Land)


Weapon type (J) Weapon Type (E) Icons
シューター  Shooter

Other Japanese Translation Shortened Icons
騎兵系 Cavalry Soldier Group Cavalry
飛兵系 Aviation Soldier Group Aviation
歩兵系 Walk Soldier Group     Infantry
直接攻撃 Direct Attack Direct
間接攻撃 Distance Attack Range
魔法攻撃 Magic Attack Magic
回復 Recovery Recovery
特殊 Special Shooter
Attack A/Attack
Wearing Protection/Counter C/Counter
装備 Equipment Equip
気力 Willpower/Vigor/Energy Willpower/Energy

General idea of what areas mean what on the cards Card Layout
Unit card layout example 15 Lex
Translation card example 17 Edin

Full Text Translations -will be placed on the information pages for each series

Fully translated cards to QC and translations to use on the cards - future

Manual translation - to be added later (in progress)
Fully Edited Manual pages to QC - as they are finished (I do not have the time to work on these.  If anyone can edit pdf files that wants to help, let me know!)


I will add the fonts to use on the cards, and I may add the cleaned cards in the future.