Scripts are given to actors and contain not just the lines to be spoken but also acting queues.  These are usually bound books but can be just sheets of paper stapled together.  Sometimes script books will contain more information than just what is to be spoken.  Scripts can be harder to find so I don't have a lot of them.

    I will be putting all scripts up for full size download once I get the change.  First I need to finish making the gallery pages for them.

NOTE:  I will try to list the series by their original name (when applicable),  its English localization and  Kanji/Kana/Hangul when possible (can find/know it).  Some series don't need a translated name at all (already in English, or they use the English part of the series name).  I will try to list them as clear as possible to make finding them easier, though some series will be tricky due weird localization choices.  I easily could have missed some especially if I only know them by their localized name.

    At this time the scripts are not actively for sale but I may sell the books in the future, or if the offer is right.

    You can find Sailor moon script scans at Miss Dream: classic anime Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Sera Myu.