This site contains all the Settei (or Studio Cels or any other strange name that people sometimes [miss-] label them) that I have.   These are sheets from animated shows, shorts, movies and video games.  The Japanese use the word Settei to encompass all setting materials used in a production, which can include information sheets on how to draw the characters, rough sketches (genga or just concept sketches), storyboards and sometimes even scripts in addition to the model sheets most people think of when the hear the word settei.  I only have a few series that are just genga/douga (or copies of such) or storyboards. 
Note: For any set shown in burgundy, the physical set I had has been sold. 
Any set shown in green is a set I traded for digitally (can only be acquired through trading).

Current Amount Raised: $282
Currently working towards the Base Goal of $360
50% off Sale on all sponsored sets (ends June August 31)

Last Updated on June 26, 2023

Update June 26:  I have received the auctions I won from Japan, so I will start scanning them once I have time.  I have also caught up with putting up all the sponsored and donation links on their respective pages now.  Unfortunately, I am super busy right now between work and all the doctor appointments, so I am a bit slow in responding to emails and making updates.  One all the testing is done, I should have a bit more time and can focus again on this page.  I am working on what I can in the little bit of time I do have, so things are still being worked on.  Just way slower than I had planned.   On the upside, we are getting close to covering half the hosting fees for the page, so that is really good news!



 Update May 17:  I've been updating the WIP page and total raised, but forgot to put an update here about it.  So sorry about that!
    I have gotten a lot more scanned in, so only the cels (the unknown anime ones may take a while), production and marketing stuff and some storyboards.  I hope to have the storyboards done before the new sheets I ordered come in the mail.   I am also working on editing the script scans to put up.

    I did add the hosted files to the resources page (mainly scripts) though I still have to upload the color calibration cards for the scanners.
    I have been making the compressed files to put up for download for the sponsored and donated sets.  I should get them up by the end of the month if things go as planned.  I had hoped that I would be in less pain by now so that I could work on things more, but I am still healing slowly :(.  I am making progress, so I should have some new galleries up and those sponsored downloads up before June.
    As always, if you have requests for me to get something up as soon as I can, please let me know and I will see what I can do.


Update April 27:  I managed to get some more scanning in and updated the WIP page to show where things are.  I am focusing right now on getting the 300DPI downloads up, and then will start making gallery pages for the newly scanned ones.  After I get those up, I'll go back to scanning the rest of the scripts, animation cels and drawings, the rest of the storyboards (a few have to be unbound first) and then the production stuff.  Scripts will also get full sized downloads, so may take me a bit to figure out a good way to do that.  Production and marketing and the material collections will be the last ones to work on, as there is more demand for everything else over them. 

I am making a resources page, which will have links to other settei and setti adjacent sites that I know of and where I will list special thanks to those who have donated, sponsored or traded who with to be listed. Currently it is just the bare bones and more will be added to as I get a chance.  As with everything else, I will keep you anonymous unless you ask me to list you.

Just a reminder, sponsored sets are 50% off until the end of June, though anything by Disney and Don Bluth cannot be sponsored.


 Update April 20:  I added the work in progress page to track where I am with things.  I have been slowly making a dent in the large and non-standard size pile now.  It is slow going, and I am trying to scan them in using the closest standard size I can.  That should make it easier on everyone.   I can only scan for an hour or 2 before it gets to be too much (plus I still don't have a lot of time to do things), so it will still take me a while to do.  Once I get more of them scanned in, I will go back to making gallery pages.  I am also going to keep the discount for sponsored sets up until at least June, and if I still have not had a chance to get the downloads up, then the sale will continue until I manage to do so.


 Update April 5:  Just a list of what is in the works now that I have sorted the grab bag lots and identified what I could: 

    Fully scanned, just needs galleries made:  (this list will grow for a bit before I make more gallery pages)
            Tensura set IV, Smurfs set IX, Shironeko Project, Yaoh, Minky Momo - Circle Dance in Dreams, Ayakashidou no Hourai, Biriken, Magic Angel?, Title Unknown, Script - Dinosaurs pilot, Script - Star Trek the animation Yesteryear, Storyboard Shironeko Project 4,  Storyboard Hetalia 27, 31, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 42, 43, 45, and a bunch of stuff I traded for (as always, unless I get permission otherwise, these are only available through trade).

    Fully scanned, but needs editing:
            All other scripts (1999 Master of Mosquiton, Bakugan, Basara, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon[all but 4], Exsamurai, Happy Lesson, Heroes Legend of the Battle Disks, Himitsu - The Revelation, Jushin Enbu Hero Tales, Karin -Chibi Vampire, Shugo Chara, Silent Mobius, Special A, Tegami Bachi Letter Bee, They Are My Nobel Masters, Tokyp Majin Gakuen Kenfan, Trouble Chocolate, Whistle!,  X, xXx HOLiC, Yakushiji Ryoko's Bizarre Case Book), and odd sized sheets (animation cels and the like fall under here, as do any non-standard sized sheets, including all the production and marketing ones I've scanned so far).  I may have missed some.

    Needs download zip added to gallery and gallery uploaded: 
            Monster Force script

    Need to scan:
            The remaining 4 Sailor Moon Scripts, The rest of the production and marketing stuff, The majority of the material collections (I will not be scanning all of them in, but all the pad style ones will be scanned), the cels and douga, the rest of the storyboards (a few unknown ones, some Hoshi no Sora, Garo, Hero Bank, Nanbaka the Numbers, Meganebu!, Somali and the god of the forest), and the new loose sheets from the grab bag lots (Muhyo and Roji's Bureau of Supernatural  Investigation, Lemon Angel Project, Intrigue in the Bakatsu ~ Irohanihoheto, Happy Lesson Sheets, Happy Lesson corrections (genga copies), Disk Wars: Avengers, Mary and the Witch's Flower, Tamayura, Hundred, Kotoura-san, Assault Lily, RE:Creators, Harukana Receive, World Trigger, The Rising of the Shield Hero, AKB0048, Submarine Super 99, Cells at Work, Seiren, Bungo Stray Dogs), and a few sets I bought a while back that are still in the very slow mail, including the Sailor Moon Sailor Starts material collection pad. 

    Need to rescan:
            Too much to list right now, as its almost all the loose sets scanned before this year, though mainly the color sheets need it more than any of the others.  Any loose sheets that have the word 'White' right before the number at the end of their file name will be the ones that have 2 versions (the old white background, and the unadjusted scan).  I have not made galleries for anything with the double scanning yet.  I am going to scan script books in only the unadjusted color format, so they will not get a 'white' tag.  there may be others that will only be scanned as raw, unadjusted scans.

    Need to make 300DPI zips for download: 
            I am still compiling a list of the ones I will be starting out with for download.  It will include the Hamtaro and X 1999 300DPI only scans [the ones where I sold the sheets before I started scanning in 600DPI], and the first 4 Sailor Moon sets.  I will also put up the random unknown sheets I have (I have 3 that were mixed in with another series, and I know they don't go to the series they came with, happened twice, so one is 2 sheets and a single sheet.  There are a few that were printed on the backside of a set, but were not part of that set either), including the new one from the grab bag that I am not sure what it is (title unknown was listed in the grab bag as well, so I can't use the 'contains sheets from these series plus more' list that it had.  If I can figure out what series it is before I get to zipping the files, it may not be put up), and the unknown storyboards.  hopefully that will help with identifying them.  There will be others I put up, I just have to go through and decide which other sets I want to list.



 Update April 4:  Update time.  I only have 4 scripts left to scan, and then I have to edit the scans to remove the extra background from the book ones (majority of the scripts).  Once that is done, then I can make the gallery pages and upload them.  I will also be adding a copy of the Toonmakers Sailor Moon pilot script that someone scanned and put online.  I do not have the script myself, but I want to preserve this rare find, so I will host the scans someone else made for this script.  As I did not scan nor trade for the scans, I will just put them up as a downloadable zip file when I upload my script scans.  On that note, I will be putting the full 600DPI scans of all the scripts I have as downloadable zip files.  It will take me some time to edit the scans, so I am not sure when I will get them up, but they are coming.
    I did finally get the grab bag lot of settei sheets I won several months ago in the mail, so I will be going through them and scanning those in.  I will post an update with all the series in there once I have finished going through it.  Unless I see a really good deal or a series I really want, the grab bag style lots are probably going to be the only settei I try to get unless this site gets some more funding, or I recover enough that I can work more hours to have the spending money to get them.  I am still improving, so hopefully things will go faster now that I can be at my computer for longer periods of time.
    Next on my scan list (after the grab bag settei) are the rest of the storyboards, including any new ones, and then the production and marketing binders and the sailor moon material pads.  I may start on the cels and douga if the binders get to be too much. 

Big Update time.  I am going to change things a bit to see if that will help with funding.  So instead of just relying on kind donations and the occasional (like twice a year) digital sale, I'm going to add a new way to help with the funding that will give everyone more settei.  You can still donate or ask to digitally buy a set if you want (physical set buying is closed for right now, but I am planning on opening it back up this year,  eta summer), but there will be a new way to get digital sheets;  you can sponsor a set.   
    So how sponsoring works:  you can sponsor a set and you get the 600 DPI scans of that set sent to you (if its a set I have done new scans of, you can opt to get both scans), and that set will have a 300DPI version put up for everyone to be able to download on the site (will be a zip file).  If the set needs rescanning, you can let me know, but unlike purchasing the digital version outright, sponsoring a set does not give you auto rescan requests.  If its a set I can easily get to and have time, I will rescan it.  If not, then I will add it to the rescan list and will get to it when I have a chance.  I do not have enough time to rescan everything right now (though I really want to now that I found a setting on my scanner that changes how it captures the pages), otherwise I would not have to put this restriction on sponsored sets.
    Sponsoring a set that is ~100 pages or less is $10, and goes up $5 for every 50 sheets in a set.  As this is the introduction phase of sponsoring sets, I will do a 50% off the sponsor cost for the first few months.  I will make an update once the sale period is over.   Please note that you can only sponsor whole sets, the can only be my scans (none that I have traded for unless I have received permission from the person I trared for to host and share them), and some studios (Disney and Don Bluth cannot be sponsored due to their policies) will be offlimits.  If any studio asks me to take down a sponsored set I will, as I will respect their wishes.  The purpose of this site is to spread the love and information about settei, and to preserve them, not to harm anyone.

As part of the sponsor a set rollout, I will be putting several series up as 300 DPI scans.  I will also be sharing these downloadable scans with Settei Dreams, a wonderful site that has a lot of settei hosted for everyone to enjoy.  All sponsored sets will be shared with Settei Dreams for the foreseeable future (I want to make sure that the settei are preserved).  I do not know if they will host them all, but I will be offering them the option to if they wish.  I am working on getting some sets ready to be hosted, so that will be coming soon (I hope I can get it all ready before the end of the month).



 Update February 23:  Quick update to increases the font size.  Didn't realize that it could be hard to read on some screens.   I also think I found a solution to making it easer to click on the links.  As always, if people have suggestions on how to make this site better, please let me know.  I will also be making it more obvious which sets I've sold or traded for. 

Should I make an area for links to other sites that have settei of some sort that I know of? 
    I know that several that used to be out there no longer are, and that there must be new ones I don't know about (I have not looked since vanished).  Right now I know of 2 (miss dream has some  sailor moon scripts, and there is a blog that has been collecting archiving info about sunbow productions and marvel productions).  If you guys want, I will make a section that lets you know of other sites (and their links).  If you tell me of other sites you know I can add them as well if  you guys think it would be helpful.



Update February 22:  Sorry for the long delay in an update here.  I was so focused on getting the galleries up that  I forgot to write an update about them.   All the letter, legal, B5, A4, B4, and A3 sheets are up in the settei/model sheets, storyboards and the cels, douga and genga sections.  I still need to do the odd and oversized sheets, which will take me longer.  Some of those oversized sheets I believe some are actually A3 in size, but I did not realize this as I didn't have a scanner that could scan A3 before (I do now, so now I have to check if the ones near A3 and B4 size are those sizes).  So some of the oversized sheets will need to be added to my needs to rescan list.  Unfortunately, a lot of things have been going on in my life, and due to them, I will be unable to rescan anything for a while (the sheets are all safely stored away, I just can't easily access them at this time due to having had to pack away a bunch of things including them).  If you find that anything needs to be rescanned (that is not green or burgundy), please let me know so I can add it to my list.  I will get to it once I have enough time to be able to do so (it will be awhile). 

    I am also no longer taking any requests for looking for specific series.  I just do not have the bandwidth, nor funds, to do so at this time.  I have severely cut down on the settei I have bought the last few years as well.  It is expensive to get them, and with shipping and the economy the way it is right now, I am forced to hold of on acquiring much of anything as of now.  On the upside, I do have more to scan in, so I will be able to add to the collection, just not as much as I was before.  As long as I can still afford to pay for the servers, this site will stay up.  Please note that the coming soon list and the for sale page are out of date.  They are at the bottom of the list of things to do, sorry.

    There is going to be a change on how the Materials section will be (nothing is up right now).  I will be changing it to show the covers of any actual books.  I may add the material collection flimsy book scans I have (and the pads), but I will not scan any of the thicker books (to scan a book, you have to either debind it or break its spine and most likely damage it in other ways.  I am not destroying my expensive books) and I will never scan any that are still in print nor easy to find.  I will ignore any such requests.  People should buy the books if they are still in print or out of print but still can be found.

    The marketing and production section, and scripts are next on my list to work on (and I may take a break from the oversized and odd sized models sheets and the like to work on them some).  I will be putting some things up in these sections as free downloads for everyone.  Not everything will be that way, unless I can raise enough funds to cover the hosting fees.  Right now I am paying for it all out of pocket, so I am not sure how much I will be able to offer on my limited funds.

    Another thing I need to do is to update the FAQ and among other things, make it clear that anything that I traded for is NOT available for purchase unless the one I receive it from gives me the OK.  I will also never host these files for download regardless of how many donations I receive unless given permission to do so.  I will only trade them with you if you honor the agreement that they are not for sale or to be given away.  So please do not ask me to provide download links nor to sell any set in green.  I will not do it.  If you do not want credit and remain anonymous (or if you want me to put them up for download) please let me know, otherwise I will list you (or your site) as credit on where I traded them from.  All traded sets are listed with their set number/designation in green.  I am behind in adding traded sets, but they are low on the priority list.  If you want your traded sheets added sooner, please notify me so I can do so.

    I have had several requests for downloading the sheets.  you are free to download the preview images if you want, but I will not be giving away any high res scans (except for in certain areas and if I get enough donations).  As much as I would like to make it easier to grab the images, I do not have the funds to host them twice.  So unless I get more donations, I will not be putting up zip files of the galleries.  If you want high quality versions of the sheets, then please email me (include settei in the subject line so I can search for your emails, and please make sure you include the paper size, along with the set number and series name of the sheets you want!  Use the name of the images if you only want a few sheets and not the whole set) and we can work out a trade or how much to cover the costs to get you those sheets.  Until further notice, I will not be making any physical copies.


 Update April 28:  Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well.  I have added the A4 P-R, U-Z sheets and have started on S.  I have finished the B5 sheets (only had sailor moon) and added all the legal and Letter sheets to pages that had A4 ones.   I have also added the A4 sheets of series that I got after I did the earlier ones, so now all #-R, U-Z are up to date!  I have uploaded all the files for the other pages, just need to make their series page, so from now on, I'll be adding sheets of all sizes except the oversized ones (as I still have to make those pages) for the remaining series, and going through and adding the Letter and Legal sized M ones as well. 
    Once that is done, I'll be uploading the sketches, storyboards and scanned in scripts to the new site (the current one is less than 30k from the file number limit).  This main page will stay right here, so it should be a smooth transfer.  I hope to start working on those by this summer (there are a lot of S and T series, so it may take me a while to get to them if work gets too busy).
    Just a quick note. now that more than just A4 size sets are up, please make sure you include the paper size, along with the set number and series name of the sheets you want!


 Update April 4:  Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well.  I have added the A4 K-O sheets and have started on P.  I hope to get the rest of the A4 ones done soon, and then I can start one the letter and legal sized ones. 

Update February 17:
  Hit a slight issue in that my old oversized (A3) scanner died (has blue lines all over it, so can't be used), so I had to buy a new large scanner for the oversized sheets.  Then, after I got that, my computer decided that it was going to die (looks like the motherboard went), so I have been working on things on my really old computer, while I ordered and setup the new one.  I have the new computer mostly setup, so things should start going faster again.  So though I have made more progress on the preview pages, it is not as far as I would have liked.  I have updated the settei sheets list with the new preview pages for all the A4 sized H-J series. 
    I have found another provider that may work, but am still looking into options.  Once I get all the individual sheets up, I will work on the oversized sheets and book collections.  For some of the out of print collections, should I make larger preview images to put up?  Please let me know what you think.

Update November 27:  I have made more progress on the preview pages.  I have updated the settei sheets list with the new preview pages for all the A4 sized F-G series. Have found that the provider I'm using to host the site has a hard limit of 250,000 files and folders.  I have uploaded the individual pages and images for A4 H-M, and am at 68% of that limit.  So adding all the larger (700x) images for you guys is going to make me hit the limit before I can even add all of them.  To get past this file limit, I can either buy another hosted site (so another 250k unless I can find another hosting service the doesn't have this file limit), upgrade the one I'm using (no file count limit).  Upgrading to the point where this file limit is removed is $500 a year or more, where adding another hosted site is another $200 a year.  Once I get around 90% of the file cont limit, I'm going to have to either upgrade or add another site.  
    I am currently looking for other alternatives, to see if there may be a less expensive was to host all the images.  worse case is that I removed the larger files that the smaller thumbnail images link to.  I know right now I cannot afford to add on another site nor upgrade the current plan with the prices I've found, so unless I find a better solution, I can only do one of those options if I get more donations to keep the site going.  I may be able to find a solution I can afford on black Friday (at least for a year), so will update if I find a solution.


Update November 12:  I have made more progress on the preview pages.  I have updated the settei sheets list with the new preview pages for all the A4 sized B-E series.  working on the F's now. Should go a bit faster now that the largest (sailor moon) is out of the way.  I may switch over to other size sheets once I get a few more of the A4 ones done.


Update November 1:  I know itís been a while. Still dealing with everything that has happened, but I have made some progress on the preview pages.  The thumbnails will be 400 and the preview images they link to 700, so they should be big enough to see the images and know if you want to order any. I am slowly getting back to things like this page and catching up on the emails and trades. I have been getting so much Spam, that I am having trouble finding legit emails.  so please include settei in the subject line so I can search for your emails. I have updated the settei sheets list with the new preview pages for all the A4 sized number, symbol and A series.  working on the B's now. Sorry for all the trouble.


Update May 13: I will try to get back and update this page and get to the emails about getting settei.  Several things, including the unexpected passing of my father have made things hectic and have taken a higher priority then this page and emails.  Hopefully we  have all the paperwork done now (keep finding more) and I will be able to get back to things like this page and catching up on the emails.  Sorry for all the trouble.


Update September 13: I know itís been a bit long since my last update. I was going to write one when I got home from vacation (didnít get as much done as I would have liked, due to lack of reliable internet and needing to rest), but then things started to fall apart. First my HD decided to call it quits (I didnít loose much, as I have learned to make backups each week) and then a close relative ended up in the hospital and has been in and out of ICU since. I am slowly working on the site still (I have not given up), itís just that I donít have a lot of energy by the time I get home to do much (my day tends to be, go to work, then go to the hospital, then go home). If it takes longer for me to answer e-mails, it is not that Iím ignoring you, just having to find time to take care of everything. 
    The long weekend gave me 2 days off, so I have finally been able to get around to updating this page. I have added a bunch new series to the directories, and have finally gotten my hands on more than 65 sheets from Sailor moon Crystal (supposed to be about 200, and form all 3 Crystal seasons. Will find out once it comes in the mail). I managed to get more Sheets from BSSM SuperS, so now all Iím missing are a few S villains and some MotW/VotW (I will update the wish list with the majorís still missing). Also won few more small auctions (managed to grab some Vampire Hunter D ones, so will see how they are once I get them in the mail) and have scanned in about half the grab bag sheets if you donít count the massive Comet Lucifer ones (those are last to do on the easy scan list). When things start calming down, I will try to get to the not as easy ones (books and binder and odd sized sheets) and back to FE cipher (super behind, but I just donít have the energy to hand scan things right now).
    I have cut back a lot on getting settei unless it is something Iíve been looking for, been asked to look for, or a grab bag lot (or super cheap that I stumble across). Iíve instead been putting money aside for keeping the site going (may not reach the funding goal, but I donít want to shut it down) and to help my family pay for things. I have a few duplicated sets that I bought from Japan that I would be willing to sell (I have 3 sets of the BSSM Crystal, not realizing that all the 65 sheet sets out there were the same, and I have 2 of the same Hozuki no Reitstu sets). I may have to start selling more things off, so I will keep you guys posted if anything related to this site ends up for sale. 
    My next update will not be a wall of text, promise.
Sheets added to preview directories since last update (I may have missed listing some):  
Brave 10, Cardfight Vanguard G, Daybreak Illusion, Dragon Ball. Fullmetal Alchemist ep 60, Hakouki douga copies, Hunter X Hunter, Kekkaishi (new set), Rurouni Kenshin (new OVA and original TV), Okami-san and her Seven Companions, Rewrite, Shugo Chara (new set), Tales of Symphonia douga copies, Tsubasa chronicles douga copies, sailor moon sets 30-34.
    I'll add more and update as time permits.


Update March 28: Been working on scanning more in, getting more pages done and catching up with some of my FE Cipher scanning (still a bit behind).   Updated the soon list as I have received more sets in the mail
Ideas that have been mentioned:
 mini goals that add low res images (larger than the preview images) of various sets to the site as free downloads.  If we go this route, then I will not do the larger preview images.  
 do a blog on things related to settei and the like.  Not sure on this, as I've never done a blog before and do not know if I would have the time (I work 6-7 days a week).  
 do a mobile version of the site.  Not sure if this will be feasible but if enough people tell me they are interested in this, I will see if it can be done. 
 suggestion for social media as well, but I don't (and won't) do Facebook.  maybe something like Twitter could work, not really sure.  
 make a community content area.  This is a neat idea, but will have to be put on hold until I get this site a bit more finished first.
As always, feel free to contact me with suggestions and options on these things.