I am still in the process of fixing the pages.

      This site contains all the Settei (or Studio Cels or any other strange name that people sometimes [miss-] label them) that I have.   These are sheets from animated shows, shorts, movies and video games.  The Japanese use the word Settei to encompass all setting materials used in a production, which can include information sheets on how to draw the characters, rough sketches (genga or just concept sketches), storyboards and sometimes even scripts in addition to the model sheets most people think of when the hear the word settei.  I only have a few series that are just  genga/douga (or copies of such) or storyboards. 
Note: For any set title in burgundy, the physical set I had has been sold. 
Any set title in green is a set I traded for digitally.

Current Amount Raised: $5.
Currently working towards the Base Goal of $200

Last Updated on April 28, 2020

Update April 28:  Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well.  I have added the A4 P-R, U-Z sheets and have started on S.  I have finished the B5 sheets (only had sailor moon) and added all the legal and Letter sheets to pages that had A4 ones.   I have also added the A4 sheets of series that I got after I did the earlier ones, so now all #-R, U-Z are up to date!  I have uploaded all the files for the other pages, just need to make their series page, so from now on, I'll be adding sheets of all sizes except the oversized ones (as I still have to make those pages) for the remaining series, and going through and adding the Letter and Legal sized M ones as well. 
    Once that is done, I'll be uploading the sketches, storyboards and scanned in scripts to the new site (the current one is less than 30k from the file number limit).  This main page will stay right here, so it should be a smooth transfer.  I hope to start working on those by this summer (there are a lot of S and T series, so it may take me a while to get to them if work gets too busy).
    Just a quick note. now that more than just A4 size sets are up, please make sure you include the paper size, along with the set number and series name of the sheets you want!


 Update April 4:  Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well.  I have added the A4 K-O sheets and have started on P.  I hope to get the rest of the A4 ones done soon, and then I can start one the letter and legal sized ones. 

Update February 17:
  Hit a slight issue in that my old oversized (A3) scanner died (has blue lines all over it, so can't be used), so I had to buy a new large scanner for the oversized sheets.  Then, after I got that, my computer decided that it was going to die (looks like the motherboard went), so I have been working on things on my really old computer, while I ordered and setup the new one.  I have the new computer mostly setup, so things should start going faster again.  So though I have made more progress on the preview pages, it is not as far as I would have liked.  I have updated the settei sheets list with the new preview pages for all the A4 sized H-J series. 
    I have found another provider that may work, but am still looking into options.  Once I get all the individual sheets up, I will work on the oversized sheets and book collections.  For some of the out of print collections, should I make larger preview images to put up?  Please let me know what you think.

Update November 27:  I have made more progress on the preview pages.  I have updated the settei sheets list with the new preview pages for all the A4 sized F-G series. Have found that the provider I'm using to host the site has a hard limit of 250,000 files and folders.  I have uploaded the individual pages and images for A4 H-M, and am at 68% of that limit.  So adding all the larger (700x) images for you guys is going to make me hit the limit before I can even add all of them.  To get past this file limit, I can either buy another hosted site (so another 250k unless I can find another hosting service the doesn't have this file limit), upgrade the one I'm using (no file count limit).  Upgrading to the point where this file limit is removed is $500 a year or more, where adding another hosted site is another $200 a year.  Once I get around 90% of the file cont limit, I'm going to have to either upgrade or add another site.  
    I am currently looking for other alternatives, to see if there may be a less expensive was to host all the images.  worse case is that I removed the larger files that the smaller thumbnail images link to.  I know right now I cannot afford to add on another site nor upgrade the current plan with the prices I've found, so unless I find a better solution, I can only do one of those options if I get more donations to keep the site going.  I may be able to find a solution I can afford on black Friday (at least for a year), so will update if I find a solution.


Update November 12:  I have made more progress on the preview pages.  I have updated the settei sheets list with the new preview pages for all the A4 sized B-E series.  working on the F's now. Should go a bit faster now that the largest (sailor moon) is out of the way.  I may switch over to other size sheets once I get a few more of the A4 ones done.


Update November 1:  I know itís been a while. Still dealing with everything that has happened, but I have made some progress on the preview pages.  The thumbnails will be 400 and the preview images they link to 700, so they should be big enough to see the images and know if you want to order any. I am slowly getting back to things like this page and catching up on the emails and trades. I have been getting so much Spam, that I am having trouble finding legit emails.  so please include settei in the subject line so I can search for your emails. I have updated the settei sheets list with the new preview pages for all the A4 sized number, symbol and A series.  working on the B's now. Sorry for all the trouble.


Update May 13: I will try to get back and update this page and get to the emails about getting settei.  Several things, including the unexpected passing of my father have made things hectic and have taken a higher priority then this page and emails.  Hopefully we  have all the paperwork done now (keep finding more) and I will be able to get back to things like this page and catching up on the emails.  Sorry for all the trouble.


Update September 13: I know itís been a bit long since my last update. I was going to write one when I got home from vacation (didnít get as much done as I would have liked, due to lack of reliable internet and needing to rest), but then things started to fall apart. First my HD decided to call it quits (I didnít loose much, as I have learned to make backups each week) and then a close relative ended up in the hospital and has been in and out of ICU since. I am slowly working on the site still (I have not given up), itís just that I donít have a lot of energy by the time I get home to do much (my day tends to be, go to work, then go to the hospital, then go home). If it takes longer for me to answer e-mails, it is not that Iím ignoring you, just having to find time to take care of everything. 
    The long weekend gave me 2 days off, so I have finally been able to get around to updating this page. I have added a bunch new series to the directories, and have finally gotten my hands on more than 65 sheets from Sailor moon Crystal (supposed to be about 200, and form all 3 Crystal seasons. Will find out once it comes in the mail). I managed to get more Sheets from BSSM SuperS, so now all Iím missing are a few S villains and some MotW/VotW (I will update the wish list with the majorís still missing). Also won few more small auctions (managed to grab some Vampire Hunter D ones, so will see how they are once I get them in the mail) and have scanned in about half the grab bag sheets if you donít count the massive Comet Lucifer ones (those are last to do on the easy scan list). When things start calming down, I will try to get to the not as easy ones (books and binder and odd sized sheets) and back to FE cipher (super behind, but I just donít have the energy to hand scan things right now).
    I have cut back a lot on getting settei unless it is something Iíve been looking for, been asked to look for, or a grab bag lot (or super cheap that I stumble across). Iíve instead been putting money aside for keeping the site going (may not reach the funding goal, but I donít want to shut it down) and to help my family pay for things. I have a few duplicated sets that I bought from Japan that I would be willing to sell (I have 3 sets of the BSSM Crystal, not realizing that all the 65 sheet sets out there were the same, and I have 2 of the same Hozuki no Reitstu sets). I may have to start selling more things off, so I will keep you guys posted if anything related to this site ends up for sale. 
    My next update will not be a wall of text, promise.
Sheets added to preview directories since last update (I may have missed listing some):  
Brave 10, Cardfight Vanguard G, Daybreak Illusion, Dragon Ball. Fullmetal Alchemist ep 60, Hakouki douga copies, Hunter X Hunter, Kekkaishi (new set), Rurouni Kenshin (new OVA and original TV), Okami-san and her Seven Companions, Rewrite, Shugo Chara (new set), Tales of Symphonia douga copies, Tsubasa chronicles douga copies, sailor moon sets 30-34.
    I'll add more and update as time permits.


Update March 28: Been working on scanning more in, getting more pages done and catching up with some of my FE Cipher scanning (still a bit behind).   Updated the soon list as I have received more sets in the mail
Ideas that have been mentioned:
 mini goals that add low res images (larger than the preview images) of various sets to the site as free downloads.  If we go this route, then I will not do the larger preview images.  
 do a blog on things related to settei and the like.  Not sure on this, as I've never done a blog before and do not know if I would have the time (I work 6-7 days a week).  
 do a mobile version of the site.  Not sure if this will be feasible but if enough people tell me they are interested in this, I will see if it can be done. 
 suggestion for social media as well, but I don't (and won't) do Facebook.  maybe something like Twitter could work, not really sure.  
 make a community content area.  This is a neat idea, but will have to be put on hold until I get this site a bit more finished first.
As always, feel free to contact me with suggestions and options on these things.


Update March 6:  I have all the nonstandard size ones done now (or at least all the ones I have scanned in).  So I'm going to go back to scanning in the easy ones (standard size sheets) and then start working on the other odd sized ones that take a while to do (and maybe work on the bound ones).  Not too much else to update right now.
    nonstandard sized: Cels and Sketches    Production and Marketing     Material Collections and Pads    Sheets


Update February 25:  Updated the FAQ and added most of the pages for the animation area (genga, douga, drafts, cels and sketches) and the storyboards.  the rest will be added once I get the oversized ones done.  I took the preview page down, as I now have started putting up the series pages (still need to do the gallery pages themselves).   I'll be working on the Script, Material Collections, and Marketing pages and getting the oversized previews up.  Once that is done, I should hopefully have caught up a bit on the FE Cipher scanning and will resume scanning in the new sets I just got in the mail and the time consuming ones I have not had a chance to get to yet.
I will be breaking out the older updates to put on another page, as this one is getting a bit long.  Sadly I didn't keep the updates prior to last spring, so I don't have any going back further than that (though I made this site back in 2009 [may be even earlier but that is the oldest file I have for this part of my site])


Update February 19:  Adding in a halfway there goal.  If this site reaches at least half funding by June 31,  Then all Preview images will be increased in size!  Note that it will take me some time to do, but I will go through an increase the size of all the preview images.   Also added a preview of how I'm going to do each series page.  I still need to figure out how I want to do the gallery pages themselves.  Almost done with the preview images, just the large oversized/odd sized ones to go! 
    A4:  Sheets M   Sheets L  Sheets K   Sheets I-J    Sheets  H    Sheets G    Sheets F   Sheets D-E    Sheets C   Sheets B    Sheets A    Sheets #-Symbols


Update February 10:  only ones left to put up are the rest of the A4 sheets (will go up in sections) and the oversized ones (anything larger than legal sized).  I've identified the storyboards that I was trying to figure out.  they are called P.S. Tekken-den e Konte.  I still need to scan them in.  the rest on the to scan in list has been updated (the coming soon list) and I changed the wish list into the request list (what people have asked me to look for).  I still need to update all the actual lists (sheets, genga, storyboards etc.) and that is next on my list of things to do.  I am hoping that by the end of the month I'll be ready to start putting series pages together in some fashion (and that I'll get some donations soon).
  A4:  Storyboards     Material Collections     Sketches     Sheets Y-Z     Sheets W-X     Sheets U-V      Sheets T     Sheets S    Sheets Q-R     Sheets P     Sheets N-O   

Update February 4:   I had yesterday off, so I've gotten a lot done. I'm now done with all the fast scanning ones so I've started catching up on the FE Cipher card scans.  I am still working on getting the preview images up. 
  Legal size: Sheets
  Letter size: Sheets   Storyboards   Sketches   Scripts   Production and Marketing
  A4: Needs Identification

Update January 31:  getting there.  on my list of what still needs to be scanned (not counting rescans), I have a bunch of stuff that is very time consuming (bound/material collections,  stuff in binders/guides, scripts, one big set of storyboards (I need to figure out what they go to), some large BG images, cels + douga/genga originals) and a few fast ones left (Arslan Senki and Chihayafuru sheets).  This is not counting anything in the mail.  So once the last 2 easy ones are done, I'm going to rescan D-Grey-man (due to a request) and then see if I can get the storyboard one done and Id it.  I will be working on making previews as I do this.  Then, before I start getting to the really time consuming ones, Ill finish scanning in the FE cards (I've neglected updating that for too long now as I've been focused on getting the settei stuff taken care of).  Once that's under control again I'll come back here and get back to work on the harder ones (and anything new that comes in).  Regardless of which page I'm scanning stuff for, I will continue to get the preview images uploaded for you guys.
    Legal size:  Sketches    Storyboards  
on the to do/take care of list: clean up the series lists, update the coming soon list (very out of date) and fix the wish list (turn into a requests list maybe).   After that's done I'll start on fixing the series pages themselves.

Update January 27:  I have found that a lot of the older scans I did on my original scanner are not great and will need to be rescanned.  some are due to being hand scanned and then hand cropped down to size, and others due to having been scanned in B&W instead of grayscale.  So I will slowly be rescanning them in, but only once all the other sheets are scanned in unless someone is specifically looking for those sheets.
       I've been asked if trades will count towards the amount raised.  I will count trades towards the additional goals, but not the base goal.  so once we reach $200, I will then count trades towards the bonus goals at a rate of $5/100 sheets traded.  This also means that if you trade sheets and we reach the base goal, you will count as being donors and will gain access to the donation only area.  Also, unless specified that the traded sheets can at some point go on the main page to be downloaded, the traded sheets will only be able to be added to the donation area.    I will also count digital orders towards the donation goal and count them as donors if we reach the base goal.  Note that at this time, I will only take small digital orders, as I don't have a lot of time I can dedicate do such things right now.

As promised, this update contains some links to the preview images in their new home.  It may take a  long time before I get proper galleries back (its thousands of images to put in).  Next update will include Legal sized sheets
B5 size:   Sheets     Sketches    Storyboards   Scripts (need to finish scanning them in - currently empty)

Update January 15:      As a lot of you already know, Photobucket decided to stop all linking to any images on their site unless you pay them a lot of money.  so thousands of images for this site can no longer be used.  I have been searching for another pace to host pictures, but none offer what Photobucket used to.  I almost said, forget it, just close the site down.  Then I got the e-mails asking when things would be back and that you guys were looking forward to me fixing the broken Photobucket links (really the e-mails helped tremendously and if I missed responding to your e-mail, I didn't mean to, please send it again).  This gave me a second wind to keep looking for a solution.  Well, I found one.  I will pay for a hosting service to be in full control of what can be uploaded and posted.
        What this means for this site is that I will have full control over the hosting of the images and what happened with Photobuck can't happen again.  The downside is that I can only get the first year for a reduced cost.  After that it will cost $200+ to keep things going.  So I will have to set up some sort of donation system to help fund next years costs.  If I cant get enough to keep the site going, then I will be forced to shut it down. unless a new solution presents itself. 
As much as I would love to post all the galleries I had before, there are just too many images to do that in the old way (where I manually made each page).  I'm am going to have to figure out an automated (or semi automated) way to make the gallery pages.  What I will do in the meantime is to put links to the indexed galleries as I get the preview images uploaded.  This way you will be able to view the images if you want, even though it will be a bit more time consuming to do so.
        There is an upside to all this, I can now re-organize everything so it makes a little more sense.  I now have put everything on my side to be sorted not just by sheet type but also by sheet size (B5 Letter A4, Legal and Oversized).  The downside is that I will have to keep orders to whole sets and digital only (for now. maybe in the future I can reopen the physical side of things).   As I get each section organized, I will update here the link to the preview area that I've uploaded.  I hope to be able to put them on their series page once I get all the preview images uploaded.  My next update will contain the first preview links.
        To help raise money to keep the site going, I can either take donations through paypal or setup something on a third party site (gofundme, patrion, ,etc) to take care of it.  upside for me doing it myself is that there are less fees (no middle man), and it can go on indefinitely. downside is I have to update the donated amount and who donated myself.  I am leaning towards using paypal and managing things myself.  If you guys think going third party is better, please let me know (note that the below goals will have to be slightly higher if I go through anything except paypal).  
        Anyone who donates, will be added to a donation list and given bonus content depending on how much is raised.  If we do not make the goal by the end of the year, then any who donates, regardless of amount will get a set of their choosing, up to 300 sheets, digitally sent to them as a thank you.  If we make the goal, then instead of getting one set as thank you, you will get access to a password protected location that will have several sets for download, and will grow as goals are reached.  Any who donate $25 or more can choose to add any set that is 200 pages or less to the donation area.  All who donate $50 or more can choose to have me look for a specific set (and if its the donation amount or less, I will get it and that set will be scanned and the files sent to the donor who can choose to have it added to the donation area as well) or they can have me add any set that is 300 pages or less (600 if $100 or more given) to the donation area.   If we reach the goal before summer, then all donators who donate at least $30 can opt to have me mail them a random animation cel (I have a bunch from an anime I don't know).  

Base goal: $200 - all donators gain special area access and the site stays up
Bonus goal 1: $220 - add 1 script to the main page and 1 to the donators area
Bonus Goal 2: $250 - add 1 storyboard to the main page and 1 to the donators area
Bonus Goal 3: $300 - add some sketches to main page and 1 to donators area
Bonus Goal 4: $350 - add merchandise info to the main page and 1 to the donators area
Bonus Goal 5: $400 - 100p or less settei set* added to the main page and 1 set to donators area
More goals will be added if we reach goal 5
*anything by Don Bluth, Disney, or other very picky company will never be on the main page for download.  Only the private donators area can get them


Update May 31:  Work has been crazy this month (I've only had 3 days off the whole month), so I have not gotten as much done as I thought I would. I have 2 settei sets up in the new format, and so far, one of the production and marketing ones. I'm going to concentrate on getting all the production and marketing ones done first, and then I'll move to scripts and storyboards. after that, I will do the rest. On the up side, I can work on scanning in the rest of the backlog, so I should have all but the cels, cel drawings and the massive amount of mega xl done by the end of June. I really should figure out how to automate making the gallery pages, but I don't have time to look into that right now.

Update May 13:  I finally got the page's new layout done enough to replace the old pages.  I am still in the process of getting things switched over so I may have missed something.  I am still working on things but it will take some time for me to update/fix everything.  I am not ignoring those who sent e-mails, I have just been really busy (I work 6-7 days  week).  I'm going to try to get back to all of you soon.  If I haven't gotten back to you by the end of May, please send another e-mail, as I may have not seen the firs t one you sent.  I still have some unknown sets that need to be identified, but I will list them later, once I have more of the site converted over to the new format.  The next step is to change how the settei set pages are done, and to put all the relevant information at the top of those pages (including paper size, # of sheets and cost).  This may take me a while to do, and I want to get that done before I make any new set pages for the newer sets.  Once I get to the newer sets I will start with those I have preview images already up for them and then go on from there.