My Elfwood gallery -some of my old artwork. I haven't done anything new since Andy died, sorry.
HopeHaven Weyr The off-line Weyr that I'm part of.
Otaku World KISS doll's (aka Paper doll's for your computer), Desktop themes and more, a really grate site! Plus other anime stuff!
Ultimate Ronin Warrior Web site This is Dawn-Chan's site. It has a lot of stuff form the Samurai Troopers/ Ronin Warriors TV and OAV series.
Wizards of the Coast The peploe who brought you great games like Magic the Gathering, D&D, Dragon Dice and more.
Guardians of the Order Another Great RPG creator (though I prefer Palladium, WW and TD first), and what's better, these source books are not only for gamming, but for reference on the various anime they represent.
White Wolf OK so I play multiple RPGs, but I like the d10 system
Serenes Forest Fire Emblem info and picture site
Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi scanlation project manga based on FE 6
France-Fire Emblem 4 Fire Emblem 4 managa translation and video game fan site.
Enchantment Scans Great scanlation group
Nagareboshi Manga another good scannilation group
Sailor Moon SD this is a site that I've acquired some SD pictures from.
Super Deformed Sailor Moon Pix another site that I picked up some SD pictures from (and then I cut them out).
Kat's Story Page A great Story site!!
Pocket Bishonen Thanks to Dawn-chan's site, I now love this one ^-^
Pocket Bishojo Thanks to Dawn-chan's site, I now love this one ^-^
Cherry Blossoms a great Card Captor Sakura site
The Cherry blossom Festival another great Card Captor Sakura site
Bianca's Sailor Moon Gallery Great pictures!
The Anime Archive A lot of pictures on this site!
Anime Music Videos
Lycentia's SM Graphics shop
Nether Realm Samurai Trooper Info site
Ani-chan's cel gallery

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