Resources and Special Thanks

Resources  - No longer on the web, was a site that I had traded with to get several sets.

Settei Dreams
- A site dedicated to sharing settei with everyone 

Miss Dream - has lots of sailor moon stuff, including scans of some Sailor moon scripts and a storyboard

The Sunbow Marvel Archive
- a lot of stuff from Sunbow and the old Marvel Productions animation studio



Backup hosting of settei and the like that are found elsewhere on the web.

Toonmaker's Sailor Moon pilot script scans - I can't remember where I found this, but I want to make sure such a rare script is not lost.

Miss Dream Sailor Moon script and storyboard scans - can also be found on Miss Dream's site (see link above or on the scripts page).

Sera Miyu Transylvania no Mori Kaitebian (2001) script [Sailor Moon Musical]
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (classic anime) episode 123 script episode 124 script episode 124 storyboard
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (live action) scripts:  Act Zero Act 02 Act 03 Act 05 Act 13 Act 28 Act 29 Act 30 Act 31 Act 32Act 41Act 42Act 45Act 46Act 47Act 48Special Act

Special Thanks (working on checking with people to see if they wish to be listed)

Thank you to all who have traded with me, donated, purchased, or sponsored a site!
Those who wish to have their name known will be thanked below.

All of you who wish to remain anonymous who have help out over the years from trades to purchases
Webmaster of Settei Dreams for sharing so many sheets with everyone
Webmaster of the now gone, you were my first trades


Calibration Information 

Scans of Piyiss calibration card (glossy) [was supposed to be one side gloss, one side matte, but both of mine are gloss.],  Piyiss calibration card (Matte) [was supposed to be one side gloss, one side matte, but both of the second set are matte.], and Pixel Perfect calibration card (semi-gloss) [clamed to be matte, but was more semi-gloss] on my current scanners [most smaller pages (A4, Letter, and Legal with only script books at B5) are on my Canon scanner, and the larger ones (B4, A3, Ledger, A5, all other B5 and any original (even if A4, Letter or Legal) on my Epson].  Unfortunately it is expensive and hard to find IT8 calibration cards, so I went with the calibration cards I could get my hands on without breaking the bank (they are less accurate).  Both of these have the X-Rite Color Checker Classic color schema, so though they are not professional grade, they can be used to see how accurate the scanners are scanning the color and can be used to adjust the scans.

Canon Gloss Piyiss card   Canon Matte Piyiss card     Canon 'matte' (semi-gloss) Pixel Perfect card   
Epson Gloss Piyiss card    Epson Matte Piyiss card     Epson 'matte' (semi-gloss) Pixel Perfect card  

I do not know how to make a color profile from these to attach to the scans, so I am going to just put the scans of the calibration cards on this page for those who know how to do such things and wish to use them